( Macédoine)

Dodek je moma pri majka,
Do tu je bela i crvena.
While a girl lives with her mother,
She is fair and rosy.
Do tu je odila setala,
Mominski pesni pejala.
She goes walking,
She sings girls' songs.
Mominski pesni pejala,
Mominski ora igrala.
She sings girls' songs,
Dance girls' dances.
Godi se, zacrnela se,
Ozeni se, zakopa se.
She gets engaged, turns black (unhappy),
Gets married, is buried.
A sto se svekor svekrva?
Tova je crno crnilo.
And what are father-in-law, mother-in-law?
They are black ink (unhappiness).
A sto se dever i zolva?
Tova je zolto zoltilo.
And what are brother-in-law and sister-in-law?
They are yellow dye (sickness).
A sto se malkite deca?
Tova se sitni sindziri.
And what are the little children?
They are little chains.
A sto je kitka sarena?
Tova je prvoto libe.
And what is the many-colored bouquet?
It is her true love (husband).
Source: DUNAV