Ore then ine i krima ki athiko, Vasila arhontissa,
Then ine ki amartia na 'ne Vasilo, Vaso, se erimia.
Is it not sad, is it not wrong, Vasila arhontissa,
Is it not a sin, that Vasila, Vasa, went to the wilderness?
Ore na 'ne Vasilo se erimia, Vasila arhontissa,
Se kleftika limeria na stroni pevka, Vaso, stromata.
In the wilderness, Vasila arhontissa,
In the hideout of the kleftes, laying out pine needles for a bed.
Ore na stroni pevka stromata, Vasila arhontissa,
Ki' oxies proskefalakia, ki' o Themios Gakis Vaso fonaxe.
Laying out pine needles for a bed, Vasila arhontissa,
And beech leaves for a pillow. Themios Gakis called Vasa.
Vasila is a woman's name; the kleftes were more or less romantic brigands. The song refers to the kleft Themios Gakis' abduction of the daughter of Nicholas Averof, a notable (arhon) of Metsovo.