Ambee dageets, joor e galee
dosh e dalee, pr-pr-oum.
En oom yarune, nustadz lale-e
hongoor hongoor en sa room
Rain drops from under the clouds
Creating bubbles in the form of a breast
It seems someone’s beloved is sitting and crying
Which is coming from the mountain
Aj bagh jure zoolal jurer
vo galees ek jarereets.
Galees antsoom hand oo choler
yarus et khutmets jureets
Which runs through the pasture and meadow
She was burning, inspired by your love
Even the cold water didn’t help
That sound of crying on the mountain
Aghcheek koyarun, yegav antsav
varvadz darvadz, ko seerov
Ervads jeegyarun, yegav antsav
chu hovatsav bagh yurov.
That clean, clear water
My love could have drunk from that water
Your beloved came and went
It was affecting her internally

Source : Folkdancemusings.