Short lines, interlaced hands, fore-arm to fore-arm, bent atelbows so lower, arms are parallel to floor. Stand very closetogether.

Bar 1 step on L, shoot R foot forward pointing toe(1) circle R clockwise until next to L (2)

Bar 2 step on R, shoot L forward (1) circle L ccw until next to R

Bar 3 step on L, shoot R forward (1) circle L TWICE cw (2)

Bar 4 step R to R (1) Step L across in front of R (2)

Bar 5 step R accoss in front of L (1) Chug back on R (2)

Bar 6 kick left foot forward pointing toe low to the ground (1)sliding Left back to step on it in place, shoot R foot forwardpointing toe low to the ground (2)

Bar 7 stepping on R shoot L foot forward toe low to the ground(1) step L in place (2) step R in place (&)

repeat from beginning