Ali Pasha - Turkey

Dance introduced by: Boris Özkök
Formation: Line
Starting arm position: W- Position, little fingers joined
Meter: 5/8
Steps used  
Other notes
Measure Count Step
Part I  
1 1-5 Facing diagonally R, step forward on R foot (1), step forward on L foot (2), step forward on R foot (3), touch L foot forwards (4), hold (5).
2   Repeat measure 1 with opposite footwork and going back diagonally L.
3-4   Repeat measures 1-2 facing and walking towards and away from center.
5-8   Repeat measures 1-4.
Part II
1 1-5 Facing center, Step on R foot to R (1), step on L foot behind R foot (2), step on R foot to R (3), step on L foot across R foot (4), hold (5).
2   Repeat measure 1, except touch L foot next to R foot on count 9.
3-4   Repeat measures 1-2 with opposite footwork and in opposite direction.
5-8   Repeat measures 1-4
Part III
1 (see note) 1-5 Brush R foot back on L side of L foot (1), brush R foot forward (2), step on R slightly to R (3), close L foot to R foot (4), hold (5).
2   Repeat measure 1.
3 1-5 Step slightly forward on R (11), step L in place (12), close R to L (13), touch L forward (14), hold (15).
4 1-5 Step slightly back on L foot (16), close R foot to L foot (17), step slightly forward on L foot (18), touch R foot next to L foot (19), hold (20).
5-8   Repeat measures 1-4.
Note: Part III, measures 1 and 2 are sometimes done with a touch and hold of the R foot next to and on the L side of the L foot on counts 1 & 2, instead of the brushes.