Friday, February 15, 2008

Ziglos (Greece)

Boyaliki, East Romilia, Thrace, Greece

Taught by Kyriakos Moisidis
Opa in the Desert 2006

Notes by Andrew Carnie, October 28, 2006
Meter 2/4
Formation: V position

Kyriakos taught two different versions of this dance. The first is accented much like a Bulgarian Triti Pâti, the other is accented like a Bulgarian Pajduško. The two versions are not interchangeable.

Version 1. "Triti Pâti"

Bar 1 Fall onto R foot forward; arms swing back (1) step back on L (2)
Bar 2 Hop on L; arms swing forward (1) step R to R (2)
Bar 3-4 repeat 1-2 on opp ftwork, except turning slightly to face RLOD)
Bar 5 Repeat bar 1, but traveling in RLOD, arms swing back
Bar 6 Repeat bar 1, traveling in RLOD, arms swing forward

Version 2 "Paiduško"

Bar 1 Hop on R (1), step on L traveling RLOD. (2)
Bar 2 Repeat 1 opp ftwork
Bar 3 Repeat 1 but ending facing center
Bar 4 Cross R in front of L (1), step back on L (2)
Bar 5 Hop on L (1) step R to R (2)
Bar 6 Cross L in front of R (1), step back on R (2)
arms swing as in version 1
(Bars 3-6 are the pas de bas in this version, it's bars 1-4 in version 1), the starting point is ambiguous.

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