Tsamiko - Greece

Line dance, arms in W-postion. Meter 3/4

Measure Count Step
1 1-3 Facing center, step on R foot to R (1), hold (2), step on L foot across R foot (3).
2-3 Repeat measure 1 two times.
4 1-3 Step on R foot to R (1), hold (2), Swing L leg with bent knee in front of R leg (3).
5 Repeat measure 1 with opposite footwork and in opposite direction.
6 Repeat measure 4 with opposite footwork.

Note: During this dance, the leader may do many acrobatic steps which you are not supposed to try to do. These sometimes involve the line staying in one place for an extended period of time. Just do steps in place in the SQ rhythm during these periods. The second person in line is supposed to keep track of where you actually are in the dance when you start up again.