Friday, February 29, 2008

Tranos Choros - Greece

Tranos Choros
Τρανός Χορός

Siastista, Kozani Prefecture, Macedonia, Greece

Notes by Andrew Carnie, October 29, 2005; based on Elias Politis teaching. Opa in the Desert Dance Symposium. Tucson Arizona.

Translation: Grand Dance
Pronunciation: Trah nosh Kho ros /tranoʃ xoros/

From Elias Politis’ commentary: This is a traditional folk marriage dance fo the wider Siatista area. In times past, it was the final marriage party dance that was mandatory for all participants to join and was led by the best man. (Eθιμικός χορός τοθ γάμου που χορεύέται στη Σιάτιστα αλλά και στη γόρω περιοχή. Αποτελούσε παλαιότερα το επιοτέγασμα του γάμου με την “θνοχρεεωτική” Συμμετοχή ΄όλων των καλεσμένων κα επικεφαλής τον νούνο (κουμπάρο))

Meter - ¾ but listen to the Tupan it always falls on count 1

Hands: “Moj Maro Moj Marino” hands. Left hand held bent at elbow, forearm parallel to floor, palm up. Right arm goes under neighbor’s left and rests on top of his/her forearm.


Men’s Styling

1 Cross L (1), Touch R next to left (2,3)
2 Step R backwards (1), Touch L next to R (2,3)

Women’s Styling

1 Cross L (1),Step R (2), L(3) in place
2 Step R backwards (1), Step R (2), L (3) in place

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