Friday, February 29, 2008

Ti Lazias (Tik) Pontic Greek

Ti Lazias (Tik)
Ak Mag Dagen Pontos, Greece

Taught by Kyriakos Moisidis
Opa in the Desert 2006

Notes by Andrew Carnie, October 28, 2006
Meter 7/8
Formation: High W position

basic step; feet at shoulder width, knees bent; ball of feet, fall onto both feet, fall again lower (but not too low); heels go to the ground each time, step on to R or L (BOUNCE BOUNCE STEP)

Bar 5, Step LRL into center
Bar 1, do 1 basic L out
Bar 2, do 1 basic R out
Bar 3, do 1 basic L in place
Bar 4, do 1 basic R in place

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