Greek Macedonia
The name of this dance is derived from Stanka, a girl's name. The dance is found in various forms in the Edessa region of Greek Macedonia.
Source:  Dennis Boxell from his original tour of the Macedonian region in 1964.
Rhythm:  11/16 counted:
     Quick, Quick,  Slow,  Quick, Quick
       1      2       3      4      5
      2/16   2/16   3/16    2/16   2/16
         Slow       Quick      Slow	
Recording:    Folkraft LP-15
Formation:    Probably originally danced by men only, with hands on shoulders. Hands remain on shoulders until the music speeds up and the step changes to Pattern II, then the hands are lowered. The leader is on the right and signals the step change.
Step Note:  Čukče: Lift the heel of the supporting foot slightly before the beat, bringing it down on the beat. The ball of the foot does not leave the floor.

Meas Ct    PATTERN I - Warm Up - Hands on shoulders
Start with weight on L. The dance fits the Folkraft music well if you wait two measures before beginning the dance.
11 Facing slightly and moving R, Step on R
2,&Flex R knee, bringing L leg through
3,4 Continuing, Step forward on L
5,&Flex L knee
21 Turning to face center, Step on R
2,&Flex R knee
3,4 Touch ball of L ft slightly forward in front of R
5,&Flex R knee
31 Step on L in place or slightly forward
2,&Flex L knee
3,4 Touch ball of R ft diagonally back and to the R, sweeping it close to L.
The movement should be a CCW arc close to the floor.
5,&Flex L knee
Repeat this pattern until the music speeds up, then change to Pattern II
Shortcut: Step, Across; Step, Touch; Step, Back
   PATTERN II - The Dance - Hands down
1& Facing slightly & moving R, a quick Hop (Čukče) on L just before count 1
1,2 Step forward onto R ft, bending L knee
3 Čukče on R, Swinging L forward low and around past R leg
4,5 Step forward onto L
21,2 Čukče on L, reaching forward to Step onto R. L ft turns slightly in place
3 Step forward onto L ft
4 Turning to face center, Step sideward onto R
5& Close and Step quickly on L ft beside R
21,2 Step sideward onto R
3 Turning to face slightly R and moving R, Step forward onto L
4,5 Hop on L ft in place, lifting R slightly behind and preparing to swing it forward for the beginning of the pattern.
Repeat this pattern until the end of the music.
Shortcut: Step, &, Swing, Step; R, L, R-Close; R, L, Hop
Note: The dance should move lightly briskly along with a sense of freedom. The legs should swing to the next step. This is not a plodding dance.
Dance description by Tom Deering