Friday, February 29, 2008

Stamoulou - Greece


Siastista, Kozani Prefecture, Macedonia, Greece

Notes by Andrew Carnie, October 29, 2005; based on Elias Politis teaching. Opa in the Desert Dance Symposium. Tucson Arizona.

From Elias Politis’ commentary: This is a carnival tune of the Siatista area. In times past, this song was performed and danced to by women on Graνδ Carnival Sunday. The theme of the song was considered to have exceeded the morality boundaries of the local society and as such is characterized as a carnival song. (Αποκριάτικος σκοπός από τη Σιατιστα. Παλιότερα Τραγουδιόταν Και Χορεύονταν από γυναικες τυν Κυριακή της Αποκριάς. Το θέμα του τραγουδιού μας παραπέμπει σε ενεισόδιο, που ως συγκεκριμένης κοινωνιας, ώοτε να Χαρακτηριοτεί ως αποκριάτικο.)


Part 1 Slow 4/4 Hands in W position

1 Step R to R (1,2), Cross L (3,4)
2 Step R to R (1,2), Touch L in front of R (3,4)
3-4 Repeat 1-2, w/ opp ftwk and direction
5-8 repeat 1-4

Part 2 Fast 4/4 Hands in V position

1 facing LOD, run R (1), L(2), R(3,4)
2 continuing LOD, run L(1), R(2), L(3,4)
3-4 repeat 1-2
5-8 repeat 1-4 in RLOD (These steps can also go in LOD -- leader’s choice)

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