Friday, February 29, 2008

Maïs - Greece

(Kozani Prefecture, Town of Vlasti, Macedonia, Greece)

Translation “May”
Pronunciation: Like the English word “mice” /majs/

Taught by Elias Politis, Opa in the Desert Symposium (2005), Tucson Arizona. Notes by Andrew Carnie, October 29, 2005

Style: Generally the style from this region has the shoulders back but tight, the back stiff the head held high (like a Doric Column).

From Elias Politis comments on the dance: “This is a line dance with a fast tempo. The music is purely instrumental and it is danced during the Vlatsiotis parties” (Γρήγορος ουρτός χορος. Οργανικός οκοπός από τη Βλάστη που χορεύεται σε όλα τα γλεντια τωυ Βλατσιωτώυ)

This is a 6 measure Syrto variation.
Time 4/4 Counted S (12) Q (3) Q (4)

Arms are in V position.

The Dance
(Facing Center)
Bar 1 Prep Lift on Left (1), Step R to R (2), Step L behind (3), Step R to R (4); arms are down.
Bar 2 Cross Left in front of R (12), Step R to R (3), Cross Left in front of R (4); arms are down
Bar 3 Step R to R (12), Step L slightly behind R (3), Step R in place (4); arms are dow
Bar 4 Step Left into center, arms come up and straight out parallel to ground (Zombie Arms) (12), step R into center (3), step left in place (that is, out of center) (4)
Bar 5 Step R out of center, arms swing down to V position (12); step Left behind R (3), cross R in front of L (traveling RLOD) (4), body faces slightly left of center
Bar 6 Step L to L (12), cross R in front of L (3), step on L back behind R (i.e. backing up in LOD) (4),

The body turns to face center again on the 2nd beat of bar 1.
(Maïs, continued)

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