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Lotzia-Tasia (nouniatikos) - Greece

Lotzia-Tasia (Nouniatikos)
Λότζια-Τασιά (Νουνιάτικος)

Voio, Kozani Prefecture, Macedonia, Greece

Notes by Andrew Carnie, Νovember 1, 2005; based on Elias Politis teaching. Opa in the Desert Dance Symposium. Tucson Arizona.

From Elias Politis’ commentary: This is a dance performed mainly around the Voio area. This orchestral tune initiated the marriage party with the best man leading it, while holding a flag pole decorated with flowers and apples). (Χορός περιοχήσ Βοΐο. Οργανικός σκοπός με τον οποίο ξεκινούσε το γαμήλιο γλέντι, με το νούνο (=Κουμπάρο) να σέρνει πρώτος το χορό, κρατώντας με το δεηι χέρι το φλάμποθρο (=σημαια που το κοντάρι της ήταν συμβολικά στολισμένο με λουλούδια και μήλα.))

There are two parts to the dance a Sta Dhio and a Gyrsma.

Sex segregated line (one circle to start), in part two the leader of the men’s line and the leader of the women’s line take right hands to form two parallel lines


Part 1 Sta Dhio -- instead of a lift on count 1, there is an exaggerated hold.

1 Pause with R foot free (1), step on R to R (2), cross left behind (3) step R to R (4)
2 Pause with L foot free (1) Step on L in front of R (2) step R to R (3) Step on L in front of R (4)

towards the end of this music, the leader of the woman’s line comes forward and dances up to the leader of the man’s line to form two lines (women’s line in front, man’s line behind). The leaders hold right hands.

Part 2 Gyrsma (QQS)

1 Traveling in LOD step RLR (QQS)
2 Still traveling in LOD step LRL (QQS)

The dancers can snake down the middle of the two lines and back (leader's holding R hands

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