Friday, February 29, 2008

Leonides - Greece

Leonides (Hatziobyros)
Λεωνιδας (Χατζιομπύρος)

Voio, Kozani Prefecture, Macedonia, Greece

Notes by Andrew Carnie, Νovember 1, 2005; based on Elias Politis teaching. Opa in the Desert Dance Symposium. Tucson Arizona.

Pronunciation: Lee oh nee dess /lionidɛs/

From Elias Politis’ commentary: This song is dedicated to the life and actions of a Klefti (mountain rebel of the Ottoman era) who later lost his popular appeal as he became a brigand. He participated in the 1878 uprising against the Turkish forces for the liberation of Macedonia. For many years Leonidas was the terror of the region bringing suffering to the area, as he conducted raids and burned scores of houses. He was finally killed by the Turks in the mountain area between Vlasti and Siatista. (Τραγούδι που αναφέρεται στο Σαμαριναό κλέφτη που μετά εκφυλιστηκε σε ληοτή. Συμμετείχε οτην εξεγερση του 1878 για την απελευιέρωση της Μακεδονιας μας. Για πολλά χρόνια ο Λεωνιδας υπήρξε ο τρόμος του τόπου, που υπέφερε εξαιτίας του, γιατί ο ίδιος έκανε επιδρομές, και έκαψε πολλά σπίτια. Σκοτώθηκε από τους Τούρκους, στα βουνά μετακύ Βλάστι και Σιατιστας.)

This is a Sta Dyo Variation counted S Q M


Part 1 Sta Dhio.

1 Lift on L (&), step on R to R (S), cross left behind (Q) step R to R (M)
2 Lift on R (&) Step on L in front of R (S) step R to R (Q) Step on L in front of R (M)

towards the end of this music, the leader of the woman’s line comes forward and dances up to the leader of the man’s line to form two lines (women’s line in front, man’s line behind). The leaders hold right hands.

Part 2 Gyrsma (QQS)

1 Traveling in LOD step RLR (QQS)
2 Still traveling in LOD step LRL (QQS)

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