Karagouna - Greece

Line dance, arms in W-Position. Meter parts I & II 4/4, Part III 2/4

Count Step
Part I
1-4 Facing right, step R, Step L, Step R and face center, Touch L foot diagonally left forward
5-8 Step on L next to R, Touch R diagonally R backward, Touch R diagonally R forward, Touch R diagonally L backward
9-32 Repeat counts 1-8 three times
Part II
1-2 Facing center, step R to right, twisting body slightly towards left, close L to R, turning body back towards center
3-8 Repeat counts 1-2 three times
9-12 Brush R forward (1), Bounce on L heel, bringing right leg around in front of L (2), Bounce on L heel, continuing to bring right leg around (&), Step on R on left side of L (3), Bring L around R and close (4)
13-16 Repeat 9-12 3 with opposite footwork and in opposite direction
17-32 Repeat counts 1-16
Part III (Syrto)
1-2 Facing center, Step on R to right (1), Step L behind R (2), Step R to right (&)
3-4 Facing R, step L forward (3), Step R (4), Step L (&)
5-6 Facing center, step R in place (5), Step L forward (6), Step R in place (&)
7-8 Step L backward (7), Close R to L (8), Step L forward (9)
9-32 Repeat measures 1-4 three times
Note: This is how the dance is done to the music that we use. The number of repetitions of each part may vary depending on the music. Also the steps may be leader called, especially at a Greek festival when dancing to live music. In this situation, if there is a long line, it may be impossible to hear the leader, so you will have to watch him or her to see what step is being done.