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Circle Sousta - Greece

Circle Sousta From Siatista

Siastista, Kozani Prefecture, Macedonia, Greece

Notes by Andrew Carnie, Νovember 1, 2005; based on Elias Politis teaching. Opa in the Desert Dance Symposium. Tucson Arizona.

From Elias Politis’ commentary: This organic piece of music be played in three differed rhythms: 2/4, ¾, and 4/4. It is danced in all parties and jovial memnts occurring in the area of siatista. (Οργανικός σκρπόσ σε τρία μοθσικά μοτίβα 2/4, ¾ και 4/4. Χορεύεται σε όλα τα γλέντια και τις χαρούμενες οτιγμές στιν περιοχή της Σιάτιστας.)

The dance has 3 parts, a Syrtós, a Waltz time part and a final fast 4/4 QQS part.

Part 1 is done in V position, parts 2 and 3 in shoulder hold.


Part 1 Slow 2/4 Syrtós (low to ground, very few skips)

1 hop on L (&) Step R to R (1), Cross L behind (2) Step R to R (&)
2 hop on R (&) Cross L in front (1), Step R to R (2) Cross L in front(&)
3 Step R to R (1) Cross L in front (2) Step back on R (&)
4 Step L to L (1) Cross R in front of L (2) Step back on L (&)

Part 2 Medium 3/4 Shoulder hold, Pas de Basques

1 Leap on to R (1), Cross Left in front (2), Step back on R (3)
2 repeat bar 1 with opp ftwrk and direction

Part 3 Fast 4/4 (counted most easily as QQS), TiTiTas, Shoulder hold

1 Step R in place turning slightly to face diagonal left (2), Step L heel next to right insole (2), Step R in place (34).
2 Repeat bar 1 with opp ftwrk and direction

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