England / USA 1930s era novelty dance


Record: Ten Pretty Girls, Blue Star 1670; MacGregor 604; Old Timer 8004; Folkraft 1036X45.


Groups of three, four, six or as many as desired, arms around waist, facing line of direction.



Other Notes:

There are many versions, variations, and formations of this dance; this is just one.






Beginning left, tap left to side twice, grapevine to right stepping left behind right, right to side, cross left in front of right.


Beginning right, tap right to side twice, grapevine to left stepping right behind left, step left to side, and cross right in front of left.


Beginning left, walk forward four steps.


Swing left forward, swing left backward, stamp three times in place. Body leans backward and forward with action of leg swing.


Repeat dance beginning with right foot.


There were ten pretty girls at the village school.
Picture ten village girls at a village school!
Cute and sweet, short and tall
And a boy loved them all
But you can't marry ten pretty girls.

There were ten pretty girls and I'll tell you this:
That the boy's biggest thrill was to steal a kiss
But it don't mean a thing Playing 'kiss-in-a-ring'
'Cos you can't marry ten pretty girls

Now, five were blondes and four brunettes
And one was a saucy little redhead.
The girls grew up, the boy left school
And at twenty one he wedded the saucy little redhead.

Oh that one pretty girl at the village school,
Here's what she taught the boy
at the village school:
Kissing girls may be fun,
but your heart picks on one,
Cause you can't marry ten pretty girls!