American novelty dance composed by Margaret Morse.


Windsor 4190-A


Individual dancers all facing one wall, scattered around floor.




Turn over left shoulder with 4 buzz steps. 
Turn over right shoulder with 4 buzz steps.




Touch Left toe forward, touch it to the Left side.
Touch Left toe forward, hop on Right foot slightly.
Take 3 steps:  L,R,L  (Start by swinging Left foot in back of Right).
                        (behind, side, in front)


REPEAT above with opposite footwork.


Step forward on Left foot, step back on Right, then back on Left foot.
Step back on Right foot, step forward on Left, then forward on Right foot.
Strut forward 4 steps:  L, R, L, R.




Step (lean) sideward Left onto the Left foot. 
Step (lean) sideward Right onto Right foot.
Pivot on Right foot as you make a half turn clockwise and place Left foot down beside Right.  You are now facing the back wall. 
(OR, cross Left foot over Right and pivot to face back wall.)


“Recover” with 3 steps in place, R,L,R..


Step forward on Left foot.  Step in place on Right foot. 
Stop back on Left foot.  Step in place on Right foot.
Repeat the forward and back step so that you do a total of 8 steps.
WARNING: Be sure to take that eighth step!


Now REPEAT all of Part 2, facing back wall and when you finish you will be facing front wall.




Start with Left foot and move diagonally forward to Left with a step-together-step, then move diagonally forward to Right starting with Right foot, step-together-step.


Step on Left foot. Touch Right toe down beside Left foot, brush Right foot forward, hold (or brush it back).  Take 3 steps in place (R,L,R) and make a quarter turn to Right to face the next wall.  Do a complete step-touch-brush facing this wall, turning on the 3 steps, to face the back wall.  Do one more complete step-touch-brush step, but DO NOT TURN.


Facing back wall, do 2 diagonal traveling steps as in beginning of Part 3 and a step-touch-brush step, finishing with a quarter turn to face the next wall.  Do 2 more diagonal traveling steps and immediately “swoosh" Left foot over Right to face front and do an 8 count grapevine, starting with that Left foot going in front.  (You should end with Left foot free, ready to immediately start the dance from Part 1.)




Dance repeats 2 more times, for a total of 3 times through the dance.




Turn over left shoulder with 4 buzz steps. 
Turn over right shoulder with 4 buzz steps.




Feel free to add style to the dance with your own arm and body movements.


These directions by Mary Ann Herman, 1979, as modified by Leslie Hyll.