American Round Dance - As published in Sets in Order, January 1954, page 34

Round Dance of the month:  By Henry "Buzz" Glass of Oakland, Calif.

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"Beautiful Ohio," Columbia 35617, Windsor 7602, ¾  time.  {Also, MacGregor 643.}


Closed dance position, M's back to center of circle.  Footwork opposite.




Walk, 2, Turn; Walk, 2, Face


Both face LOD and walk forward L, R, L, pivoting in toward partner on last step to repeat RLOD, R, L, R.


Twirl; Step, Touch, —;


M steps side L, brings R to L (ct. 1, 2, hold), as W twirls R face 3 steps under M's L arm back to position (ct. 1, 2, 3).  Step side R and bring L to R (ct. 1, hold).


Walk, 2, Turn; Walk, 2, Face; Twirl; Step, Touch, —;


Repeat meas. 1-4 ending in closed pos M facing wall.


Balance Forward; Back, 2, 3; Balance Forward; Back, 2, 3;


In closed dance position, balance forward L (ct. 1, hold), waltz balance back R, L, R (ct. 1, 2, 3).  Repeat, making ½ turn CCW in the two measures.


Waltz; 2; 3; 4;


Four "box" waltzes turning CCW ¾  turn using last meas. to maneuver into side car pos. 
M facing diag. twd. wall and LOD.  {Four “box” waltzes = step fwd on L, side on R, close L to R; step bwd on R, side on L, close R to L; repeat.}  {Side car pos. = Left hips adj.}


Cross, Step, Close; Cross, Step, Close;


"Twinkle step"—{starting with L hips adj.} M crosses L in front R (ct. 1), steps side R (ct. 2), closes L to R (ct. 3) {ct. 3, partners pivot so that R hips adj.}, crosses R in front of L (ct. 1), steps side L (ct. 2), closes R to L (ct. 3) {ct.3, partners pivot so that L hips adj.}, as W crosses R in back of L, steps side L, closes R to L, crosses L in back of R, steps side R, closes L to R.  Cross steps are done progressing in LOD. 


Cross, Back, Banjo; 4, 5, 6;


{Starting L hips adj.} M crosses L in front of R as W crosses R in back of L (ct. 1).  M steps back in place on R as W steps L beside R (ct. 2).  M steps L to side (ct. 3), as W steps forward on R, making R hips adjacent (banjo pos.).  Both then walk fwd in one CW turn R, L, R, (ct. 4, 5, 6).


Cross, Step, Close; Cross, Step, Close; Cross, Back, Banjo, 4, 5, 6;


Repeat meas. 17-20, end in open dance pos.


Waltz Away; Waltz Together;


Two forward waltzes in LOD turning slightly away on 1st waltz, together on 2nd waltz.


Banjo Around; Open Up


In banjo pos R hips adj., make 1 full CW turn with 6 fwd steps.  {MVFD always did this as a barrel turn, i.e. not hip to hip but a wide two-hand circle.}


Waltz; Waltz; Banjo Around, 2, 3; 4, 5, 6;


Repeat meas. 25-28 ending in closed dance pos to repeat entire dance.